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Does Florida License Independent Cannabis Testing Labs?

Yes. Florida, through its Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU), licenses and regulates independent marijuana testing laboratories, also named Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratories (CTMLs).

Requirements for Marijuana Testing Labs in Florida

Florida requires an approved marijuana testing laboratory to possess an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation in each testing field for which the laboratory intends to test. The ISO/IEC certification must be awarded by an entity or person recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

In Florida, a marijuana testing laboratory must also have satisfactory scores on two of the three most recent proficiency tests administered by an ISO/IEC 17043:2010 accredited body for each testing field for which the laboratory intends to conduct tests.

Florida Required Tests for Cannabis Products

All marijuana products in the state must be tested for impurities prior to sale. Per 64ER20-39 of the Florida Department of Health Rules, certified marijuana testing laboratories must test final marijuana products for:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol potency
  • Concentration of cannabidiol
  • Contaminants unsafe for human consumption, such as microbes, mycotoxins, residual solvents, heavy metals, agricultural agents, and filth and foreign materials

How Do Florida Marijuana Testing Labs Submit and Report Test Results?

All marijuana testing results are required to be verified and reported on a Certificate of Analysis (COA). A COA reporting a testing failure must clearly show the analyte which failed and its concentration. The Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratory conducting tests must report their results to the Medical Marijuana Treatment Center by providing the COA for the retail batch within 24 hours of verification of the COA. All failures must be reported to the Florida Department of Health by providing the COA for the failed retail batch via email to OMMUlabs@flhealth.gov within 24 hours of verification of the COA.

How Much Does It Cost to Test Cannabis in Florida?

Cannabis testing prices are usually determined based on the volume of the samples and the objectives of the cannabis business submitting the samples. For example, a potency test costs between $70 and $100. For specific prices, contact a certified marijuana testing laboratory before sending samples to them.

What Happens to Cannabis Products That Fail Lab Tests in Florida?

The Florida Department of Health allows a failed marijuana sample to be retested or remediated if possible. If reanalysis passes, the Department of Health will decide if the retail batch may be sold. If a sample fails reanalysis, it and the rest of that batch will be destroyed.

List of Cannabis Testing Labs in Florida

Currently, there are 9 OMMU-certified marijuana testing laboratories in Florida. The OMMU provides their addresses as follows:

AccuScience Laboratories 40 S Dewey Street Eustis, FL 32726 Phone: (352) 308-8020 Email: support@accusciencelabs.com

ACS Laboratory 721 Cortaro Drive Sun City Center, FL 33575 Phone: (813) 634-4529 Email: info@acslabcannabis.com

ACT Laboratories of Florida 4001 SW 47th Avenue Ste 208 Davie, FL 33314 Phone: (844) 822-8522 Email: floridasales@actlab.com

Certified Test and Data (CTND) 805 W Central Boulevard Orlando, FL 32808 Phone: (312) 315-5020 Email: info@certifiedtnd.com

Kaycha Labs Davie 4131 SW 47th Avenue Ste 1408 Davie, FL 32808 Phone: (833) 465-8378 Email: info@kaychalabs.com

Method Testing Labs 2720 Broadway Center Boulevard Brandon, FL 33510 Phone: (813) 769-9567 Email: info@methodtestinglabs.com

Modern Canna Science 4705 Old Rd 37 Lakeland, FL 33813 Phone: (863) 608-7800 Email: info@moderncanna.com

TerpLife Labs 10350 Fisher Avenue Tampa, FL 33619 Phone: (813) 726-3103 Email: info@terplifelabs.com

US Cannalytics FL 2251 Consulate Dr Orlando, FL 32837 Phone: (407) 985-4810 Email: info@uscannalytics.com

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