Florida: Marijuana Companies Invest in Assisting Employees and The State Residents After The Hurricane Ian

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  2. Florida: Marijuana Companies Invest in Assisting Employees and The State Residents After The Hurricane Ian

On September 28, 2022, devastating Hurricane Ian happened in the state of Florida. Since then local businesses have been seriously affected. Indeed, the majority of Floridan medical marijuana businesses still suffer from the consequences of Hurricane Ian. More than half of the 485 therapeutical cannabis shops are situated in the direct journey of severe storms and rainfalls. That is why the majority of Floridan operators shuttered more than 100 cannabis businesses for the sake of their employee safety.

Thus, currently, the huge operators and different cannabis organizations in the State have started funding campaigns to provide financial assistance and other types of support to residents who have experienced great damage due to the natural disaster.

For instance, Fluent which is a vertically integrated operator based in Miami made a big donation for its employees who were displaced. Fluent also created a GoFundMe campaign for its partners.

After the hurricane, the company managed to reopen all of the 15 medical weed dispensaries. It also provided gas cards and various gifts to its employees.

Another example is Trulieve Cannabis. This is the biggest operator in the State mainly based in Tallahassee, yet operating in many other states, as well. The operator has established Trulieve Employee Relief Fund. This is foreseen for helping those employees who have somehow been impacted by Hurricane Ian to begin the reconstruction. The created fund has already collected almost $10,000 for people in need.

Additionally, the TRP company organized monetary and food donations. This was completed in the Cookies Miami dispensary.

Verano Holdings joined this great initiative, as well. They have 59 dispensaries in the State of Florida. These are operated under the brand MÜV. The company made donations to the Florida relief fund. This is to take part in the recovery efforts of the Floridan residents.

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